It's a game! It's a puzzle! It's an app! A fun new way to share photos with your friends. Download Jigster for FREE!

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See if your friends can uncover the surprise pic hiding in the scrambled puzzle you sent them! You set the difficulty + time that they have to solve it in, if it is too hard they can use one of the power-ups available.

Try all levels each puzzle offers and you might just become a 10th degree master black belt.

Your ultimate Jigster experience:
Snap or upload your best picture
Selfie friendly!
Draw on your chosen spontaneous image
Customize how hard your friends will have to try to solve it
Select a time they must solve it in to see what is hiding under the screen of scrambled wonder!
Choose to DUEL your friend for bragging rights!
Want to be in on all the mysterious pics your friends are sending out?
Register to be a Jigmaster in just a couple seconds!
Add your friend to your account


To provide an interactive way of sharing pictures while being entertained and stimulating the mind.


A social networking community where sharing pictures and puzzles brings people together.

App Showcase Image
App Showcase Image


We have begun the journey to take Jigster beyond the Mobile world. JIgster is expanding to the desktop and now is your time to help!

CoinedTerms Defined

“Jig” (noun) - a digital photo that has been turned into a puzzle.
“Jig” (verb) - the act of turning a digital photo into a puzzle or the act of solving a digital photo that has been turned into a puzzle.

“Jigster introduces the world to a fun new way to send photos, promote and learn. It creates a new tech-based advertising and promotional opportunity for local and national retailers.”
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Superfeatures included

  • Snap
  • Difficulty Levels
  • Share
  • Unlimited Challenges
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Jigster is Great for Business!

It is now possible to: Reach, Engage, Challenge and Entertain your clients with a visual that they need to play, to get the prize...
A real "call to action" right in the palm of their hand.

JIGSTER can be your 'new' tool for BRANDING, PROMOTION and DRIVING SALES. Hit the link below for how to enter the corporate area.

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